Kevin Owens Says Vince McMahon Berated him with Foul Language During Infamous Head-butt Segment

The legend of Vince McMahon paints a maniacal picture. However now that he's 72, one would think he's mellowed as he's aged. Well, that is not the case.

Kevin Owens joined Chris Jericho on his podcast and shared the intimate details of one of WWE's biggest moments in 2017. Back in September, Vince McMahon made a rare appearance to personally reel in a rogue Owens. McMahon's attempts to pay Sheriff quickly went awry as Ownes bloodied him with a brutal head-butt. In the moments before the bloodshed, Vince McMahon could be seen muttering at Owens through gritted teeth. According to Owens, McMahon's words were shockingly obscene.

"Vince talking so much s**t off mic, I was legitimately taken aback. So many swear words. (People ask) "Did he tell you to get him good? In a way, but not in those words," said Owens.

Owens went on to say he's taken his fair share of criticism for delivering such a stiff head-butt, but KO says his boss got what he asked for.

"It's his company. If he wants to take a head-butt, he takes it. No one can accuse me of taking it easy on the boss," he said.

We can only imagine what Vince McMahon growled at Owens before receiving the legendary head-butt. Given his reputation for intensity, there isn't a word that would have been off limits for Vince. However, we have to commend him for his dedication. Whatever he said was meant to fire up Owens so he'd lay in a proper blow. Seeing that blood was soon leaking from Vince's skull, we can say they accomplished their mission.

That moment was arguably Owens' most significant as a WWE Superstar. It launched him into a Hell in Cell match with Shane McMahon which leads to his current partnership with Sami Zayn. With the sound of Vince's head cracking still echoing, KO and Sami will fight AJ Styles in a handicap match for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble. From there, we can expect the narrative to charge into WrestleMania.


And it's conceivable that we'd never be here if Vince McMahon didn't goad Owens into a ferocious head-butt - the man loves his company.

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