Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons


Exclusive: Abby Anderson Recalls Early Importance of Piano Lessons

Hulk Hogan Has a Lot to Say About Vince McMahon's Bloody SmackDown Performance

From the outside, seeing 72-year billionaire CEO, Vince McMahon, have his head split open may seem unnecessary. Even further, to those that are new to WWE, watching the 270-pound Kevin Owens turn his boss' ribs to power with huge Frog Splash may look down right gratuitous. But there's one thing we must remind ourselves of: Vince McMahon is crazy.

But for WWE Legend, Hulk Hogan, McMahon's willingness to punish his old bones is a sign of commitment, not stupidity. The Hulkster posted the following Tweets applauding Vince and Kevin Owens for their wonderful segment from last night's SmackDown.

Hogan has never been shy about his love for Kevin Owens. Last summer he appeared on Eric Bishoff's podcast, Bischoff on Wrestling, and explained why Owens is such a special talent.

"One of the guys who was in WWE before they let me go -- and I don't know if he was on anybody's radar or anybody was watching him -- who you would never expect Hulk Hogan to point out was Kevin Owens," Hogan said. "I told Triple H, 'This kid Kevin Owens, no matter how he looks physically and no matter what you think about him, when he walks out, he's over in such a weird way.'"

For Hogan, he's been keeping a keen eye on Owens ever seince he first saw him in NXT.

"I watched him work on an NXT match and he was just grinding old school like a heel," Hogan said. "He was getting the heat, staying on a guy, letting a guy sell, walking away, going back to the dance, keeping his heat. Then I watched the baby face try to come up several times at the wrong time and Kevin had enough instincts to cut him off" explained Hogan.

Owens' fundamental understand of in-ring psychology was what caught the WWE Legend's attention. As good as a heel Owens has become, Hogan thinks he could be a great good guy.

"And when he did let him come up, he was backpedaling like a Pat Patterson or a Hollywood Hogan or a real big chicken s--- heel and he was over so well as a heel. "I told Triple H, 'If you get this guy up and running, he can turn into one of your greatest baby faces.'"

Owens certainly ins on one of WWE' most elevated stages now. Getting physical with Vince Mcmahon has always been a rare right of passage for a WWE Superstar. Even further, Owens now has a match with Shane Mcmahon in a month. No just any match, but one inside a Hell in a Cell.