Watch: Kevin Owens' Father Trolls Roman Reigns from RAW's Front Row

Monday's episode of RAW reminded us that Montreal is one of the best places in the world to host a wrestling show. The raucous crowd is mostly charged with sarcasm, but last night, they were lead by Kevin Owens' dad.

Owens is from Marieville, Quebec, which is only about 30-minutes from Montreal. The easy trip for his family allowed them to save energy for the show, and Terry Steen took full advantage of that surplus.

From his front-row seat, TO ripped Roman Reigns, shrieked with every superkick his son landed and fervently rejected Braun Strowman's victory.

Thanks to @BrianTheGuppie, we have some great footage:

This is just fun. Watching Owens' dad mix it up with Reigns while hanging on his son's every move was a nice window into a wrestler's family. Just because it's technically "fake" doesn't mean you can't wish your favorites, or in this case your son, the best.


Along with Montreal native, Sami Zayn, Ownes was quite literally the hometown hero. He and Zayn both received jarring ovations from the crowd as their heel personas were treated with purely ironic adulation. Montreal love for KO and Sami translated to pointed hatred of Roman Reigns. While WWE is trying to best to position Roman as their top hero, he was treated like the ultimate villain in Quebec.

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