John Hennigan Officially Booked for 'Survivor'

Professional wrestling may be the original reality show, so a former WWE Superstar joining the cast of Survivor is the latest example of the Universe perfectly aligning.

John Hennigan a.k.a. John Morrison, Johnny Nitro, Johnny Mundo, and Johnny Impact has been officially announced for Survivor: David vs. Goliath. As you can tell from the title, Season 37 of the CBS pillar will rely on the natural juxtaposition between beta humans their alpha counterparts. Given his physical prowess and impeccable abdominal muscles, Hennigan was a slam dunk for Team Goliath. If there was any doubt, Hennigan got to cut a heel promo on his Survivor intentions.

"I'm fast as a Corvette and big as a Hummer," Hennigan said. "Millions of wrestling fans know me as Johnny Mundo, the Mayor of Slam Town. I've been champion of every organization that I've worked for. I'm something extraordinary."

Jeff Probst, Survivor's host, and showrunner spoke with Entertainment Weekly about the strategy behind the concept and themes of the upcoming season. More importantly, he revealed the reason why Hennigan was perfect for the role:

"This guy that's known as Johnny Mundo [a.k.a. John Morrison], the mayor of Slamtown. He's a professional wrestler, he's gigantic, he's charming, and he's smart. He started with advantage, he had a great family, and he's used all of these skills to slay everybody his entire life," said Probst.

This year's season is set up to be an unofficial study of sociology. While this playing field may seem wholly uneven at first, Probst believes that this season's competition will eventually strike a profound balance.


"So we looked at those two and went, we might be at a point where we could actually commit to this because the big risk is feeling enough confidence in the format and the idea to pit these seemingly lopsided groups against each other. Because if you're wrong, it's a blowout, but if you're right, it could be a fascinating study. The theme that we kept coming back to is: When you are on the island and you don't know what to expect, it doesn't matter whether you were born with your advantage or had to work for it, because everybody knows that every David has a secret weapon and every Goliath certainly has their Achilles heel, and that's what Survivor will bring out," he said.

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