John Cena Opens Up About Divorce, Makes Unusual Confession

In an effort to promote his upcoming movie, Blockers, John Cena joined Hit 105's Stav Abby and Matt and discussed an array of topics, ranging from his 2012 divorce to his love of Korean pop music.

Cena married his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth Huberdeau, in 2009, but the couple officially divorced in 2012. According to Cena, his bond with WWE promised the more gratifying future.

"I have made it my absolute life. I don't have a family, I tried marriage once and realized my WWE marriage was the one that was going to survive," he said.

The conversation switched to a lighter note when Cena was asked about any guilty pleasures he's been hiding.

"If you're asking if I have a secret thing I'm entertained by, that no one else knows [it's] Korean pop, K-pop,' he revealed.

Specifically, it's Bangtan Boys, better known at "BTS" who have captured the musical heart of the 16-time WWE Champion.

"The music itself, the culture surrounding the music, I literally stumbled across it by a happy accident and I began diving into it and it's quite fascinating," he offered.


As someone who makes a living traveling the world, it would be weird if Cena didn't have an eclectic taste in music. If you're unfamiliar with BTS, just know they are an exact mix of One Direction and Gangnam Style.

So next time you see John Cena squatting 800 lbs, just know it's six 20-something Korean dudes, not Metallica, bumping in his earbuds. And little quirks like that are what make John Cena one of the most popular humans on the planet.