Former WWE Diva Claims She Narrowly Avoided a Sexual Assault on Overseas Tour

On a recent episode of Vince Russo's podcast Vince Russo's The Brand, the former WWE writer claimed that while he was employed by the company one of the female wrestlers came up to him and said she had been raped by one of the male wrestlers on the roster.

He wouldn't name names, but it did prompt former Diva Shelly Martinez to confess she was almost raped while with the company.

A fan reached out to Martinez and speculated that it was WWE's European tour in late 2006, which she didn't dispute.

Martinez worked in WWE from 2005-07, starting out as a member of the company's Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental territory. She made her debut on the main roster as Ariel, a manager for Kevin Thorne on the ECW brand. She was released in May 2007 because of, as she later claimed, a confrontation with Batista.

She's since gone on to have multiple stints with Impact Wrestling (then known as Total Nonstop Action), but hasn't been connected to WWE since her release.


Martinez later thanked her fans for reaching out.