First Look At Kevin Owens Funko Pop Figure

(Photo: Funko)

WWE and Funko are releasing the next series of WWE featured Funko Pop figures by the end of the summer, which will include one of the biggest stars of the New Era, Kevin Owens.

While he already has a few action figures out, this is Owens' first Pop figure as a member of the WWE roster and seems very excited about it.

There hasn't been a lot of WWE-themed Funkos as of late with the most recent being Roman Reigns that was released earlier in the year. Owens is number 27 in the series, while Roman is labeled as 23, so look out for some of the newest stars of the WWE to be immortalized in tiny plastic form.


Who would you love to see Funko make into their mega popular Pop figures? More legends or maybe more the stars of today?