Will Brock Lesnar Bail on Yet Another Episode of RAW?

Brock Lesnar skipped not one, but two heavily advertised RAW appearances. However, it appears he will not miss a third.

WWE.com hyped up Lesnar's RAW return for the March 19 episode and reminded us that per Vince McMahon himself, The Beast Incarnate will be present.

But we may not be able to say the same for Roman Reigns.

Per Mr. McMahon, Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will finally appear on Monday Night Raw, three weeks before he defends his title against the recently suspended Roman Reigns at WrestleMania.

Now that The Chairman has punished The Big Dog for his inflammatory criticism of The Beast Incarnate and Mr. McMahon himself, it remains to be seen just how Reigns will react to Lesnar's appearance on Raw — or if he will even be reinstated before Monday night.

At the moment, Reigns is suspended—a penalty personally levied by Mr. McMahon. However, there has yet to be any indication as to how long Reigns will be off WWE cameras. Given that WrestleMania is just three weeks away, we can't see him missing much time at all—in fact, he'll probably show up at RAW's next episode.

But will Lesnar actually be there?


WWE is doing a great job of making Lesnar look like a cancer to the company. By skipping shows and making aloof appearances at non-televised events, Lesnar and Paul Heyman have already gotten on WWE fans' bad side. Even more, the perpetual rumors of the Universal Champion already having one foot out the door will further antagonize some of WWE's purest fans. Yet before indicting Lesnar, it's important to remember that this is show business, and WWE has a vested interest in getting fans to hate Brock and love Roman. And, at this moment, they're executing that plan in admirable fashion.

Even though Brock's RAW appearance has been promised by Vince McMahon, there's still a decent chance he doesn't show. In fact, that may be best for business.