Vince McMahon Serves Roman Reigns with Temporary Suspension on RAW

Vince McMahon suspended Roman Reigns in RAW's earliest segment—and it has nothing to do with ongoing steroid allegations.

Roman Reigns stormed out to confront Kurt Angle in RAW's opening moments after the General Manager announced that Brock Lesnar had yet again no-showed a heavily advertised appearance. But instead of getting mad at Kurt or Brock, Roman targeted Vince McMahon.

After blasting Vince for "disrespecting" him, Reigns thundered backstage and confronted Vince and things looked pretty steamy. Before they could boil over, Vince ordered RAW go commercial so he and Roman could meet.

When we came back from break, Vince and Roman have just finished their meet. Renee Young was waiting for details but gone none from Roman upon his exit. However, Vince obliged then announced that Roman just earned a temporary suspension.

No one has qualified what "temporary" means, but we doubt we've seen the last of Roman Reigns for this episode of RAW. Regardless, this is a nice twist to the main event picture and by Reigns being suspended by Vince McMahon himself puts him in esteemed company.

WWE is ripping a page out of the Attitude Era playbook by pitting the "top guy" against the always authoritative McMahon. Reigns quest for justice now not only has to overcome the deaf ears of Vince, but also the aloof mountain that is Brock Lesnar.


All of Monday's drama starts with the absence of the Beast Incarnate. If he just showed up when he was supposed to, Reigns wouldn't be so frustrated, to begin with. As Roman has told us, he's in WWE's ring every night.

This is some clever storytelling on WWE's behalf, as now the level of difficulty facing Roman Reigns in his crusade for the Universal Championship has drastically increased. We'll just have to wait and see what's next.