Big Show Signs Multi-Year WWE Contract

An extensive hip surgery forced the Big Show into a lengthy hibernation—one that some WWE fans would end with his retirement. But that's not the case because the 46-year old just signed a new WWE contract.

Big Show was the ceremonial bell ringer at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, after which he sat down a for a brief interview. And that's where he broke the news of his new deal.

"The rumors of me retiring are false. I actually re-signed in January, I have a new contract, multi-year deal, so I'll be around for a while," he said.

The last time we saw Big Show, he was being helped backstage by a team of referees after being destroyed by Braun Strowman. However, the next time we see Big Show, he could be exacting his revenge on Strowman at WrestleMania.

In an interview with UPI, the 46-year old giant said that he would “definitely” be back in time for WrestleMania.

While we're sure Strowman assault left Big Show battered, it was surgery that’s kept 4-time WWEChampion out of action since September.

Surgery is inherently complicated. But when you have a 7'0" 400 lbs patient on the table, the difficulty level, and maybe the size of the surgical tools drastically increase. And for Big Show, his latest trip to the operating table provided a series of very sensitive complications.

Officially, Show underwent surgery to resurface his right hip. We're not exactly sure what that means, but it sounds llike a pretty technical job. Nonetheless, doctors and Big Show thought they had knocked out a successful operation, but earlier this year, Big Show began having some issues.

He opened up on the matter on Busted Open Radio:

"The surgery went really well, I had it done in New York. Got home, I was posting some stuff on Instagram three and a half weeks after surgery I was walking a mile, over a mile, things were coming along good. Then I got a fever. I found out that I had a surgical infection. Which is, I guess, the more I find out about these metal implants and stuff like that it’s quite high, there’s a high probability of it. I just got the unlucky draw," he explained.

Things were so bad that Big Show needed another operation to clean out the infection. However, the brush with disaster looks to have energized Big Show and he sounds to be optimistic about his path.


"We’ve done everything we can to keep the joint clean, so... my benchings back up, my strength’s back up, I’ve dropped almost 27 pounds since January 2nd already back in the gym, so I’m back to feeling strong - I’m feeling right," said Big Show.

We’ll keep you posted, but smart money says that the Big Show will make his way into Andre the Giant Battle Royal if healthy in time.