Possible Spoiler Regarding The New Day and Money in The Bank

While WWE waits to announce which New Day member will enter the Money in the Bank ladder match next month, their decision may have just leaked.

According to PWInsider, all indications point to Big E getting the opportunity on June 17. Even more, Cagesideseats reports that WWE may wait until the actual pay-per-view to make this reveal.

On a recent episode of SmackDown, WWE teased their choice in during a Miz TV segment. Despite a week's worth of hype, and The Miz's best attempt to pull it out of them, The New Day did not select their MITB champion.

However, Big E's name is hardly random for this occasion. A few weeks ago, a story surfaced implicating the 32-year old was destined for a singles push. This was before New Day earned a spot in the MITB match, and now that they have, that prophecy is looking truer by the day.

While Kofi Kingston has an impressive resume, and Xavier Woods is an intriguing option, Big E is the New Day's most complete solo star. With his remarkable physique, comfort on the microphone, and uncanny pelvic mobility, Big E is overdue for another chapter as a single competitor.

When The New Day first got hot, it became posh to demand he break off and carve out his own path, but in the years that have passed, WWE has doubled and tripled down on keeping The New Day together. That will likely still be the case after MITB, but the group has become formidable enough to support a singles star. The moment any group is formed in WWE so is their breakup, but The New Day probably have a few more revolutions before a split becomes a good idea.


Instead of splitting, the more likely option is the New Day dividing and conquering. Maybe Big E is the next Mr. Money in the Bank, while Woods and Kingston pursue more Tag Team gold. Regardless, there is plenty of juice left to squeeze out of this trio. While the current iteration of their group may have peaked, these dudes seem committed to evolving as WWE superstars. Whatever their next chapter is, it will likely be a good one.

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