Positive Update Concerning Big Cass and His Knee Injury

Before sustaining an ACL injury in August, it looked like Big Cass was destined for big things in WWE. And all signs point to him resuming that course.

PWInsider reports that the 30-year old has made several appearances at WWE's Performance Center in Orlando. He's said to be in great shape and is moving around without any assistance.

Just as Big Cass' career looked like it was ready for take-off, he tore his ACL during a match with former tag-team partner, Enzo Amore. The surgery that followed was estimated to cost Big Cass 9 months. However, thanks to Cass himself, we don't have to guess when he'll be back.

In an interview with the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast, Cass provided a timeline for his WWE return.

"I'm in way better spirits than I was back in Barclays Center, that's for sure. I'm right on schedule, from what the surgeon said. So, it should be shortly after WrestleMania," he said

Cass is clearly a guy that WWE is interesting in developing. With his size and budding charisma, he seems like the archetype Vince McMahon asks for everyone at his bedside. Even though he'll have missed considerable time, Cass will comeback with unfinished business.

If Cass does make it back just after WrestleMania he'd be a sneaky pick for the WWE Draft that's rumored for May A story from WrestleZone claims a source within WWE confirmed that backstage officials are discussing a full-scale draft at May's Backlash pay-per-view. This comes on the heels of a report that announced that the Backlash show will feature both RAW and SmackDown Superstars.

Even more, another story broke claiming that WWE plans to have all future pay-per-views to be dual branded.


This is huge news. The last Superstar Shake Up drastically altered the chemistry of both RAW and SmackDown, but a draft would be WWE hitting the reset button. If this proves to be true, Backlash would be the first draft since July 2016.

Who knows, maybe Big Cass can be the draft's biggest steal. Get well soon!