Alexa Bliss Gains an Unlikely Ally for the Elimination Chamber

A memorable edition of WWE Monday Night RAW was capped off by a main event which saw a new alliance revealed in advance of Sunday's Elimination Chamber event.

Earlier in the show, all seven members of the men's Elimination Chamber match took part in a gauntlet match that went almost two hours (yes, you read that right). However, the time didn't feel as laborious as it sounds, and it ended up being a really great showcase for Seth Rollins. Though Braun Strowman ended up winning the match, Rollins started out the gauntlet by wrestling and beating Roman Reigns, following that up by defeating John Cena, before finally being eliminated by Elias.

Following the Seth Rollins showcase, RAW lead up to all six women's Elimination Chamber participants getting after it in a six woman tag team match. The oddity here was RAW women's champion Alexa Bliss being forced to team with Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville of Absolution against Sasha Banks, Bayley, and Mickie James.

Bliss rarely wrestled during the match, which allowed Absolution (well, mostly Mandy Rose) to work the majority of the bout. However, at one point, Bliss did tag herself in despite her teammates.

In the end, Bliss took the loss by tapping out to the Banks Statement (does that mean Bliss will get her revenge on Sunday?), but what happened after the match was the real story.

It looked as though Bliss was about to get attacked by both Mandy Rose and Deville until Mickie James ran in for the save. This resulted in James and Bliss giving Deville a double DDT and walking off to end the show as allies.

They've spent television time in recent weeks with Bliss trying to win over James' approval to add her as an ally for the Elimination Chamber. With the odds stacked firmly against Bliss as far as retaining the title and winning the chamber match goes, she definitely needs someone in her corner to justify a legitimate path to victory. James gives her just what she needs.