Braun Strowman Wins RAW Gauntlet Match but Seth Rollins Owns the Night

Even though Braun Strowman won RAW's highly entertaining Gauntlet Match, it was Seth Rollins who stole the show.

Strowman was the seventh and final competitor to enter RAW’s Gauntlet match on the last episode before Sunday's Elimination Chamber. The Monster Among Men took full advantage of his lucky number and disposed of The Miz to earn his big victory. Then, came his victory lap, which saw him turn The Miz and Miztourage to roadkill.

It’s worth mentioning that Strowman made a WrestleMania threat against The Miz and his boys. That’s a detail we’ll have to keep an eye in the coming weeks.

The Gauntlet Match was a smashing success as WWE advanced every character that entered the match. However, no one had an impact like Seth Rollins.

Rollins opened RAW by pinning Roman Reigns after exhilarating 30-min match. However, when John Cena came out, conventional wisdom said that Rollins’ night would soon be over. Instead, Rollins went toe-to-toe with the 16-time WWE Champion, putting on a memorable performance in the process. Cena pounded on Rollins for most of their marathon match, but Rollins was able to fall off a lethal flurry that ended with a Curb Stomp and a pin.

Rollins got a monstrous ovation for effort — his gutsy performance was magnetic to watch. With two massive wins in one hour, Rollins finds himself surging up WWE’s leaderboard. Later this year, we may point to this night as the starting point for Rollins' return to WWE’s biggest stages.

Other things to note include John Cena’s pending existential funk. After losing to Rollins, Cena hinted at how lost he’d be if he cannot win at Elimination Chamber. But don’t be fooled by his humility this is just a charade to make you think Cena will be left off the WrestleMania card — he’ll be meeting the Undertaker in New Orleans.

Elias had a fruitful evening as one of WWE’s hottest heels — he was the one to pop everyone’s ballon by pining Rollins. But his run ended shortly after as Finn Balor ended his evening.

The Miz would pin Balor, after help from the Miztourage. This could also be a potential WrestleMania match.

But in the end, it was Strowman who go the last laugh. However, this RAW will be remembered for Seth Rollins’ herculean effort.