Alberto El Patron Reveals Why He and Paige Split

Despite Paige and Alberto El Patron's propensity to make headlines as a couple, their break up was so quiet that many fans may have missed the news. However, El Patron recently shed light on why their romance ended.

The former WWE Champion recently appeared on Konnan's podcast, Keeping it 100, and opened up on the couple's decision to go their separate ways.

"We were not seeing each other and because she was training and getting ready to go back they were not letting her go to San Antonio, I couldn't go to Orlando because I have three little kids and I was coming home two or three days and I had to choose between going to Orlando or staying with my kids so of course, I decided to stay with my kids," he said.

El Patron would go on to mention that he and Paige agree to keep their split under wraps, but Paige wound up on of her friend's Snapchat video declaring that she was single. It didn't take long for all of the wrestling world to hear the news, but to their credit, Paige and El Patron have been quiet since.

"We ended it on good terms. She wants the best for me. I want the best for her. I know she's going to be the most successful Diva in history. She has all the talents and we had an amazing relationship and I just wanna say one thing: the haters, they never broke us. We decided to do this because it's the best for our careers and my kids," explained El Patron.


Based on Alberto's take, he and Paige are in the running for Best Break Up of 2017. To say the least, their relationship had a few tumultuous patches, but it's nice to see that they've made peace.

Best of luck to both of them!