WWE's Paige Claims to Be 'Single'

It appears that Paige and Alberto El Patron are no longer a couple.

A Snapchat video taken by one of Paige's friends swept through the internet on Thursday night. In the footage, Paige looks into the camera and states "This is why I'm single," while noting a highly affectionate couple in the background. Sources have reached out to Paige and El Patron but neither has confirmed the news.

If this is the case, then this marks the splitting of a volatile relationship. For most of 2017 the couple has only been able to make negative headlines. A streak of public altercations, most notably July's incident at the Orland Airport, had fans and even family fearing the worst.

Paige and El Patron were technically engaged, but wedding date was never set. At this moment, it looks like it never will be.

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It's worth noting that Paige is believed to be coming back to WWE at any moment, most likely the next episode SmackDown. For more than a year, Paige has been away from wrestling thanks to an injury and being handed a suspension by WWE. Her relationship with El Patron carried some dark undertones for a year straight but to the WWE Superstar's credit, it looks like she may be trying to wipe her slate clean.

The couple has not been seen publicly for some time nor have they been visible on social media. Patron is still wrestling, having just returned from suspension himself. The former WWE Champion made his first appearance since being reprimanded at this Sunday's Impact Bound For Glory pay-per-view.

For Paige, let's hope this marks a new beginning. She's endured quite the tumultuous calendar year is the due streak of positivity. Her imminent return to WWE has fans excited as WWE is rumored to have plans in place for her big comeback.