Kristen Bell Speaks out on 'The Good Place' Ending


Kristen Bell Speaks out on 'The Good Place' Ending

WrestleMania: Brie Bella Wishes Husband Daniel Bryan Luck Ahead of Kofi Kingston Match

Brie Bella ready to "cheer on [her] champ" as husband Daniel Bryan prepares to go head-to-head with Kofi Kingston in Wrestlemania 35 Sunday.

Sharing a sweet selfie of the couple smiling, Bella wrote on Instagram Saturday, "Can’t wait to cheer on my champ tomorrow [Daniel Bryan]."

Daniel Bryan Brie Bella
(Photo: Instagram/Brie Bella)

Upon closer inspection, the romantic photo had a hilarious interloper in the form of a photobomb from Rey Mysterio, on which Bella commented, "I’ll take a photobomb from [Rey Mysterio] any day."

Bella's followers were quick to throw their opinions in about the upcoming match.

"It will probably be the end of a good long reign since Kofi is predicted to win tomorrow night," one wrote. "I’m glad Bryan was able to have the belt for so long."

"Bryan go out and mean business!" another added. "It’s nice to see you back doing your thing. I love your family. Your heads in it and I hope all goes well for you and your family!"

Bryan will look to defend his Champion title in the WWE Championship Match against Kingston in their much-anticipated match, telling ESPN prior to Wrestlemania 35 that he was confident he would win.

“I guarantee I will walk out of Wrestlemania 35 as the WWE Champion," he said, "because I’m fighting for something bigger than Kofi Kingston is fighting for and I fight harder than Kofi Kingston has ever fought for anything else. So Kofi Kingston is great, he’s fantastic in the ring, but when it comes to pushing yourself to the level you need to be to be the WWE Champion, he has never once, not in his entire career, proven that he can do it.

He continued of his opponent, "Kofi Kingston, everyone’s like, ‘Oh we love Kofi Kingston!’ Why? Because he smiles? Do you know how much harm Kofi Kingston has done to the planet, do you know how much harm Kofi Kingston has done to the kids?”

Criticizing the Superstar for pushing environmentally harmful merchandise, Bryan doubled down on calling him a "B-Plus" player.

“There’s a lot of good things about Kofi Kingston," he said. "He’s extremely talented, he’s really athletic, and as far as skill in the ring, he’s one of the best. So Kofi is incredibly talented, amazing in the ring … he’s been waiting outside that door to be invited in to the upper echelon of WWE for 11 years."

The Total Bellas star added of his own journey, "Nobody’s gonna knock down that door for you if you want to get to the upper echelon of anything. If you want to be a game changer, a world changer, you have to knock those doors down yourself, and Kofi Kingston doesn’t have the mental aptitude to do it.”


WrestleMania airs Sunday, April 7 at 7 p.m. ET on the WWE Network.

Photo credit: Instagram/Brie Bella