No Worries WWE Fans, Daniel Bryan is Healthy

Maybe we're all conditioned to be heartbroken when it comes to the health of Daniel Bryan, but as Tom Phillips began his explanation as to why Bryan would not wrestle on SmackDown, we were braced for the worst.

But not only is Bryan healthy, he competed after SmackDown went off air.

After WWE shut off its cameras, Bryan went one on one with Shinsuke Nakamura—a WrestleMania quality match. Their contest ended after, you guessed it, a low blow from Nakamura.

Bryan's "absence" was due to the after-effects of getting his chested blistered at the Greatest Royal Rumble. WWE actually called it an "infection" which gave us all a grisly image of Bryan's chest looking like one gigantic zit.

However, from the clip above, it looks like the damage to Bryan's chest is at least healing but maybe it was still grody enough to keep him off of live television.

Regardless of his chest wounds and swollen testicles, you'll see Bryan take on new nemesis Big Cass at this Sunday's Backlash.

This Sunday marks Bryan's first singles match since his near-miraculous return from a career-ending injury. Bryan has looked tremendous in his return. His work at WrestleMania 34 will be remembered as one of the more cathartic moments in recent WWE memory, but his record-breaking performance at the Greatest Royal Rumble proved that he's ready for anything WWE can throw his way.

And a freshly healed Big Cass is the next order of business.

Ordinarily, Daniel Bryan's victory at Backlash would be nothing short of formailty. however, Big Cass has been dynamite in his return and it may be best for all parties for him to nab an upset over Bryan this Sunday.

Now, conventional wisdom says Bryan still wins—afterall he's SmackDown's best bullet at the moment. WWE probably wants him in the title picture sooner than later and him losing to Big Cass at Backlash would delay that moment.


However, WWE is clearly into Big Cass and a win of this magnitude would solidify him as a main event level heel. His promos leading up to the pay-per-view have been nothing short of elite and WWE may want to keep the Big Cass Ball rolling.

We'll have to wait and see on Sunday, but handicapping this match isn't as simple as it first appears.