Tyler Breeze Airs Frustrations About Current WWE Status

Tyler Breeze was one of NXT's original cult classics. However, that success has yet to fully translate in nearly four years since being promoted to WWE's main roster.

But Prince Pretty is ready for more.

On Tuesday, the 30-year old tweeted his spin on an old idiom made wrestling famous by "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

"They say the cream rises to the top....... does anyone have some balloons or a life vest?"

Breeze and partner Fandango have out in a diligent effort into their dual gimmick "Breezing." As a pair of self-indulgent fashion esoterics, Breezango made their impact last summer as WWE's comedy darlings. At the time, Breeze and Fandango were on SmackDown and where they'd adopt the moniker of the "The Fashion Police." this lea to some of the funniest moment of 2017 as the pair uncorked their own segment called "The Fashion Files".

Spoofing Pulp Fiction, Twin Peaks and Stranger things, Breezango carved out a nice niche on SmackDown's airspace. However, their efforts were reciprocated with little opportunity. But earlier this year, they made the jump to RAW in the Superstar Shake-Up.

However, the seemingly greener pasture hasn't lead to much success, despite RAW's roster being thin on tag teams. While Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy are suitable Tag Champions, the rest of the division is comprised of terminal teams that WWE has glued together or had shown little interest in developing. Breezango is certainly the latter, but perhaps it doesn't have to be that way.

Unfortunately for Breeze and Fandango, their comedy act has been momentarily usurped by Bo Dallas an Curtis Axel's B-Team. After the Miztourage split, it appeared Dallas and Axel were doomed to WWE's purgatory. However, within days, they had put together a purposefully ramshackle unit and after this week RAW they are set for a shot at the RAW Tag Team Championships.

This development pushes Breezango to the back of the line once again, and clearly, Breeze is frustrated. However, he has plenty of room to grow in WWE.


So many NXT star get their big WWE promotion then fall flat within months. But its the start who can evolve that stick around and win championships. For the most part, Breeze's WWE character is identical to his NXT persona. While the selfie-stick narcissist is fun, it may not be enough for WWE officials to take Breeze seriously.

However, Breeze and Fandango have already proven, that when given time, they can ender themselves to WWE's audience. Hopefully, more opportunities are on the way.