Watch: UFC's Tim Kennedy Waterboards Himself to Prove 'It's Not Torture'

Some people show their political support through voting. Others use Facebook diatribes. But for former UFC star Tim Kennedy, self-mutilation does the trick.

Kennedy, a US Army Special Forces veteran, doesn't believe waterboarding is an act of torture. Gina Haspe, President Trump's pick to run the CIA may not either as she's come under fire for utilizing that tactic and other questionable interrogation methods during her career.

To prove his point, and his support of Haspel, Kennedy rounded up the boys for an afternoon of waterboarding.

"It’s not torture!!!!" Kennedy wrote ... "Hell, we had elk tacos and wine afterward. Wake up, people. #waterboarding."

"They wouldn’t tell me when they were going to put the towel on they would just smash it on my face and start pouring. You can’t hold your breath while they do it because the water runs down your sinuses. The water run through your eyes, down your nose, and pools at the back of your throat."


An eye from Twitter said Kennedy has not performed the torture correctly, but the former Green Beret tipped he had first-hand experience with the tactic

Kennedy retired from his MMA career in January of 2017 after collecting an impressive 18-6 as a professional.