Alexa Bliss Responds to Reports of Breast Augmentation Surgery

WWE is prone to fan theory. However, a report from Wednesday confirmed that Alexa Bliss had undergone breast augmentation surgery. The 4-time WWE Women's Champion responded to the story with perfect ambiguity, neither confirming or denying any details. Instead, she channeled her in-ring persona as WWE's last diva.

Despite her apathy, Bliss hasn't exactly been shy about the results of her cosmetic surgery as she's taken her new enhancements public in several social media posts.

Adding up all the elements of Bliss' hiatus since WrestleMania, Wedesnday's reports, her photo evidence, and non-denial, the conclusion is hardly a secret.

Regardless, Bliss will be back soon; she's already booked for a WrestleMania rematch at the May 6 Backlash pay-per-view.

Bliss' choice of upgrade used to be a bizarro right of passage fo the women of WWE not long ago. During the Attitude Era, it was hard to find a female employee that had not elected for a similar surgery. But, today's WWE is a vastly more refined product and female athletes are used primarily as competitors rather than sex symbols.

However, for both male and female Superstars, sex appeal is still a highly marketable commodity. Regardless of sex, wrestlers typically wear considerably fewer clothes to work than your average pedestrian and that comes with its own set of aesthetic demands. So Alexa Bliss choosing cosmetic surgery is really no different than Randy Orton getting a new tattoo, or AJ Styles adding a new layer of muscle.


WWE hasn't commented on when she'll return to action, but given that Backlash is right around the corner, we likely won't see Bliss in the ring until then.

It'd be a surprise to see Bliss reclaim her RAW gold, as Nia Jax is one of WWE's fastest rising stars a the moment. For WWE to undo her WrestleMania coronation would be a head scratching development, so expect Nia win at Backlash with relative ease. Even more, expect her to hold the RAw Women's Championship for a while, possibly for the rest of 2018.