Alexa Bliss Reportedly Undergoes Breast Augmentation Surgery

Alexa Bliss has yet to step foot in a WWE ring since her WrestleMania 34 loss to Nia Jax. But there's a good reason for her absence: she had surgery.

The Wrestling Observer confirmed that the former RAW and SmackDown Women's Champion underwent breast augmentation surgery sometime after 'Mania. This is why she missed WWE's South African tour and has been limited to only backstage segments and pre-taped vignettes on RAW as of late.

However, she will be back for the May 6 Backlash pay-per-view where she'll look to reclaim her RAW Women's Championship from Nia Jax.

Bliss seems to be pleased with the results and has been active on social media since the cosmetic operation.


It's hard to imagine Bliss leaving Backlash as Champion. Right now, WWE seems invested in Nia Jax, and she could how the RAW title for the rest of 2018.

In the same way, Bliss made the organic climb up WWE's totem pole in 2016, Jax has forced her way into bigger opportunities. Bliss has been an integral part in Jax's climb as she's played the sniveling villain in their story so far. Using a barrage of fat jokes, Bliss' mean-spiritedness made it easy for fans to get behind Nia.