Kane Reportedly to Make RAW Return After Missing a Month

As WrestleMania closes in, WWE will have to rely on proven talent to tell their biggest stories. And it looks like that includes a certain Big Red Machine.

According to PWInsider, Kane will be at the Anaheim, CA episode of RAW on Monday. While there’s no confirmation as to what he’ll be doing, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him confront, his old rival, Braun Strowman.

The last time we saw Kane he was trapped under an announcer's table thanks to the destructive hands of Braun Strowman. A month has passed, and as far as we’re concerned, Kane just wriggled out from under that pesky table.

In reality, WWE probably used the segment to justify Kane being gone for WWE television. If you haven't heard, Kane is running for Mayor of Knox County, TN. His political obligations have forced him to turn in fire and brimstone for public policy and tax reform. It’s likely that this latest hiatus was in the name of some type of campaign responsibility


But Kane still has to pay the bills.

There's been the little indication as to how long he’ll be around as his campaign picks up, but it looks like he’s due another run starting Monday. This weekend in Chicago, he's already scheduled to face Brock Lesnar of the universe championship.