Baron Corbin Takes Shot at NFL Star Larry Fitzgerald, Gets Harsh Response

WWE's Baron Corbin was a NFL hopeful prior to starting his professional wrestling career, and his past came back in a big way on Saturday.

During his days of trying to make it to the bright lights of the NFL, Corbin spent some time in training camp with the Arizona Cardinals. For anyone who doesn't follow American football, Cardinals Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald is one of the greatest stars in the history of the franchise. And that goes back a long way: the Cardinals are one of only two charter teams from the NFL's first season that are still in existence (the other is the Chicago Bears).

Corbin was asked by Arizona's ABC 15 if he and his former team mate Fitzgerald would ever throw down in the ring. True to his WWE persona, Corbin was crass and harsh.

"Larry's kind of a 'pretty boy' I think when he's done playing football his days of contact will be over. I still owe him a few whoopins', so maybe I'll get him in there one of these times and throw him around a bit," Corbin said.


It didn't take long for this comment to make it back to Fitzgerald, who responded on Twitter.

WWE loves interaction with athletes from other professional sports, so don't be surprised if we see this mentioned down the line. Think of the publicity a Fitzgerald vs. Corbin face-off could get. WWE's bound to return to Phoenix for WrestleMania one day, right?