Spoiler: Results of SmackDown's WWE Championship Match

AJ Styles is your new WWE Champion.

Due to being in Manchester, England, SmackDown is on tape delay, but the results just went live. AJ Styles just pinned Jinder Mahal to close tonight's episode of the Blue Brand to become a 2-time WWE Champion.

While Styles winning was far from impossible, it was always unlikely. Just last night WWE ran a full promotional package centered around Brock Lesnar and Jinder Mahal's Survivor Series match. It's safe to say that WWE's video team is scurrying to make a new trailer that features AJ Styles.

There were rumors that suggested Styles winning, most of which hinged on the fact that Jinder is dealing with a shoulder injury. Though the injury has been reported to be minor, with Mahal taking some time off from television matches to let it heal recently, it could be that the injury is more severe than originally thought and he needed to drop the belt now due to needing more serious medical intervention.


On top of Mahal's injury, speculation pointed at WWE growing sour with the concept of Jinder Mahal fighting WWE's golden goose in Brock Lesnar at such a major pay-per-view. With Styles being the more established and respected Superstar WWE may have been more inclined to put him the blockbuster match.

As of now, we can only celebrate Styles surprise victory and brace ourselves for his epic showdown with the Beast Incarnate.