Possible Spoiler on John Cena's Survivor Series Match

Last week we reported that John Cena was expected to return to WWE at November's Survivor Series, While much has been made about his opponent, we now have our first indication of who that may be.

According to CageSideSeats, John Cena will be entering a short feud with Bray Wyatt. Their prospective program would culminate at the November 19th pay-per-view.

This would seem to put an effective end of The Undertaker meeting John Cena at Survivor Series. Since August, rumors have been bubbling that the Deadman was eyeing one more match. The rumor, while never confirmed, received plenty of play on the Internet and it did feel like the Undertaker was at least a possibility. Well, not anymore.

Survivor Series would be a reinstallment of Cena and Bray's WrestleMania 30 feud, one that left the Wyatt character injured due to the impactful defeat. Ever since, Wyatt, while getting multiple big stages, has yet to garner signature wins. Could he be exacting his revenge at Survivor Series?

John Cena will always be the odds-on favorite in any feud, and an impromptu program with Wyatt is no different. However, depending on WWE's WrestleMania plans, Cena may actually be in danger of losing this match.

Just a week ago, we all entertained the idea of John Cen being retired. To Cena's credit, he did play a convincing role of the departing wrestler, but even on RAW Talk, he explained that last night was a metaphorical passing of the torch to Roman Reigns. By Cena handing over WWE to the Big Dog, then he almost has no choice but to take leave. If Cena kept showing up to RAW it would feel like he was lingering. This hiatus is near mandatory after such a symbolic moment.

However, moments like this may continue to happen as a Cena loss may prove to be more valuable than a Cena win.

Bray Wyatt is due some heavy rehabilitation after spending the last several years losing matches that could have made him star. It this moment, Wyatt's spooky character is hard to take seriously as his threats and black magic proves to be hollow.

WWE will have to get creative in the facilitation of this fight - especially considering that Cena won't be around to contribute much. Cena is set to film a Transformers spin-off, Bumblebee. At this moment, it will keep him out of WWE through all of October and most of November.

There's plenty that WWE needs to fill in between now and Survivor Series. We will keep you posted at the story develops.