John Cena May Already Have His Return Date Set

John Cena WWE
(Photo: WWE)

When John Cena left No Mercy, it certainly felt like we wouldn't be seeing him for a while. Cena actually joined RAW Talk after the show and addressed his future saying that things will be different for him moving forward in WWE. While we're still not sure what that means, we now do at least know when he'll be coming back.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, John Cena will be at November's Survivor Series. It's still unknown if he'd be showing up at the preceding RAW event before the big show, but we can imagine he'd make at least one RAW appearance.

Cena is set to film a Transformers spin-off, Bumblebee. At this moment, it will keep him out of WWE through all of October and most of November. However, the 16-time WWE Champion is actually being advertised for November 19th's Survivor Series in Houston.

To Cena's credit, he did play a convincing role of the departing wrestler, but even on RAW Talk, he explained that last night was a metaphorical passing of the torch to Roman Reigns. By Cena handing over WWE to the Big Dog, then he almost has no choice but to take leave. If Cena kept showing up to RAW it would feel like he was lingering. This hiatus is near mandatory after such a symbolic moment.

Cena would go on to explain on RAW Talk that he'll assume the role of Batman in WWE. When they need him, all they have to do is flash his logo in the sky and he'll come running. Clearly, John Cena is not retired.

The idea of Cena competing at Survivor Series isn't exactly novel as he's been attached to Undertaker rumors for several months now. While it's far from being confirmed, and Undertaker John Cena match would easily headline the show however a match like that would be contingent on several other factors. Will Brock Lesnar be back? Will the Shield have a match? Will we get Ronda Rousey and her friends vs. Charlotte Flair and the gang?

Right now there are just too many possibilities zooming in the airspace. It's safe to assume Cena will be participating at Survivor Series but an Undertaker match is tough to genuinely expect.

We will keep you posted as we learn more on the situation.