'Young Rock's Bradley Constant Says There's 'So Much to Be Told' of Dwayne Johnson's Story After Season 3 Finale (Exclusive)

Young Rock may have just ended its third season on the high note of Dwayne Johnson's breakout performance on Saturday Night Live, but there's so much more of The Rock's story that remains untold, Bradley Constant told PopCulture.com. Constant, who portrays teenage Dwayne in the semi-autobiographical sitcom, opened up about the road ahead for a possible fourth season of the NBC show and its impact on everyone involved.

"I can't believe it. I don't know how the time has flown," Constant told PopCulture of wrapping the show's third season. "I don't know how we've already filmed three seasons, but here we are." And while as of this writing, NBC has yet to officially announce a fourth season of Young Rock, the 24-year-old actor remains hopeful. "I think there's really so much to be told that hasn't been told yet," he shared. "Every time I get a script when we've sat down for each season, I'm just shocked. I'm like, 'What? That happened? This? What?' So, there's really so much that can happen."

Ending Season 3 with a "full circle" moment of Dwayne being able to buy his mom a house after finding success in wrestling was "really sweet and heartwarming," but there are still "a lot of things that happened" on the road to The Rock becoming a household name. "Honestly, this has been my favorite season by far, just because it's so cool," said Constant. "I've gotten to do a lot of really fun things with my character, and there's a lot... just so much that could happen."

Working with 38-year-old Uli Latukefu, who portrays Dwayne as an adult, and 13-year-old Adrian Groulx, who takes on Dwayne's childhood years, has been a blast as well, especially as the show dives deeper into The Rock's breakout years. "I envy sometimes Uli being able to play these specific moments that are so cool and very iconic. But I also think I don't envy Uli because it's so much harder to actually replicate these things – these moments – that people know and they love," Constant explained. "There are so many diehard fans of The Rock, and [Uli is] killing it ... He does it so organically and he brings his heart to it, and he brings Uli to the role."

He continued, "I think for me artistically, it's a lot more freeing to not have to play that. I can just have fun with it and do whatever. And I have a lot more freedom, I think." Constant joked, "So, I know my role and I shut my mouth and I have the best time. It's literally just a joy just to play around [with] the character."