'Young Rock Season 3': Cast Tells Why New Season Is 'Bigger and Better' (Exclusive)

Dwayne Johnson is back for a new season of his hit NBC show Young Rock. Season 3 premieres on the network Friday, Nov. 4 at 8:30 p.m. ET, and fans will be in for a treat. PopCulture.com exclusively spoke to the cast of Young Rock who teased details of what to expect from the third season. 

"I think this season is bigger and better than before," Bradley Constant, who plays teenage Dwayne, exclusively told PopCulture. "And I know that's a typical thing to say, but I think we've really been building up to something, and I think this season we're finally really hitting that. And there's this cohesiveness between each era now that's slowly becoming a thing now where even Dwayne's storyline, he's not running for president anymore and everything is really building up to this climax, it feels like in a way. So yeah, a lot of excitement. A lot of wrestling."

Young Rock – Season 3
(Photo: NBC)

Adrian Groulx, who plays Dewey, is also looking forward to seeing more wrestling in the new season. But he is more excited for fans to see Dewey's storyline. "So the past seasons, Dewey was just funny and he was around the wrestlers," Groulx said. "But this season is a lot deeper and we see a lot more. Not as much in the ring, but what's happening outside of the ring."

Stacey Leilua, who plays Ata Johnson, says Season 3 will feature more famous WWE Superstars as well as what her character goes through as a promoter. "We see the progression of DJ's career through wrestling into, I guess the next phase," she said. "You'll see a lot of the characters, the wrestlers and stuff that are very beloved to a lot of people. So that's going to be really exciting for wrestling fans. I think for Ata, her character path takes her through some really interesting places through taking over some more of the wrestling business."

One compelling storyline fans should watch for is the relationship between Dwayne and Rocky Johnson (Joseph Lee Anderson). As Dwayne gets older in each storyline, he begins to notice the questionable decisions Rocky makes, which makes their relationship interesting. And Anderson pointed out fans will see one episode where it all plays out in a big way. 

"There's a really good episode with me and Bradley that really gets into that kind of headbutting relationship that Rocky and Dwayne had, Anderson said. "So very excited for the fans to see that one." New episodes of Young Rock will air every Friday on NBC and stream on Peacock.