'Young Rock's Fate Revealed for Season 3

Young Rock just learned its fate as Season 2 comes to an end. According to multiple reports, the NBC series that tells the story of WWE legend and actor Dwayne Johnson has been renewed for a third season. The show is averaging around two million viewers per week for Season 2. 

Young Rock premiered in Feb. 2021 and became a big hit for NBC. The series is divided into three stories, as Johnson describes his childhood years, teenage years and his time during and after college. One of the things that stand out with Season 2 is it shows Johnson's early days in WWE when he was known as Rocky Johnson. 

"We kick off with Dwayne playing in the CFL. Obviously, we know that didn't work out and then you have the Seven Bucks moment,"  Uli Latukefu, who plays the WWE Johnson, told PopCulture.com earlier this year. "Then we get to see him find his feet in the wrestling ring and then, you know, grow into, you know, we get to see the first glimpses into him evolving into The Rock. So you know, the early glimpses of that."  

Season 2 of Young Rock also shows the relationship Johnson had with WWE Hall of Famer André The Giant. Matthew Willig plays André The Giant in Young Rock and talked to PopCulture about being a series regular after playing a recurring role in the first season. 


"I think it was a credit to the way that people connected with Andre's character and enjoyed how he came into play," he said. "Obviously, it means that Andre will live on and sort of continue that relationship with Dwayne [Johnson], which was cool for me. To be able to continue that side of the relationship was important. Hopefully, as things go on and progress, we'll get to see Andre and his later years in life and how that came about because it was a tough last few years for him as a human being. So I think hopefully, as time goes on, we'll delve into that part of it." Johnson is an executive producer of Young Rock along with his business partner Dany Garcia. Johnson appears in every episode as he tells the story of his past. Young Rock airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.