'Yellowstone' Star Luke Grimes Previews 'Lost' Alum Josh Holloway's Introduction in Season 3: 'What's This Guy After?' (Exclusive)

Yellowstone star Luke Grimes is just as curious about Lost alum Josh Holloway joining the show in [...]

Yellowstone star Luke Grimes is just as curious about Lost alum Josh Holloway joining the show in Season 3. In a conversation with PopCulture.com, the actor revealed his character, Kayce Dutton, will not be sharing screen time with the new cast member in the upcoming episodes of the Paramount Network hit series. This means Grimes is waiting alongside fans to see how Holloway's new character will affect the world of the Dutton family.

"I actually haven't worked with him," Grimes told PopCulture.com in a phone interview Monday, Nov. 4 as he promoted the release of the Yellowstone Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray. "I hope that's not too much, but I had no scenes with him. He sort of comes into Beth's [Kelly Reilly] life in the beginning of Season 3, and as the audience, you're not going to really know, good guy, bad guy, what's happened here? What's this guy after? And I think that'll be exciting."

"In the world of Yellowstone you never know who is the good guy or the bad guy, or who is going to end up kind-of messing everything up for everyone," Grimes added. "I'm excited to see all those scenes too, because I was not in any of them."

As previously reported, Holloway will join the cast in Season 3 as Roarke Carter, a new recurring character described as a "handsome, charming, shaggy-haired hedge fund manager with ambitious plans for Montana." Could he get in the way of Beth's relationship with fan-favorite character Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser)?

Grimes also praised his fellow cast members during the interview, calling the Paramount Network drama series the best job he's ever had.

"This is my favorite character I've ever played, and my favorite world as far as a story I've ever been a part of," he said of playing Kayce on the show. "And just starting there, it's an incredible experience. And then add on top of that, is that all these other really dedicated actors... no one's phoning it in, no one's showing up to get paid. Everybody really cares about what they're doing, and it's just really nice. It's an inspiring environment, and hopefully I can continue to work with people like this."

Looking back on filming the first three seasons of the series, Grimes opened up about some of his favorite parts of production, including his biggest takeaway.

"I've learned a lot about cowboy culture, but also a lot about how you can't really lie to a horse," Grimes shared. "Like, they know exactly how you're feeling, and sometimes it's kind of a tricky thing to do the riding well, but also try to have what you're supposed to have going on emotionally, and it's been a pretty fun little puzzle to figure out."

He added, "Some of my favorite things about the show are those days when I just know that it's going to be like me, and a bunch of the bunkhouse guys, and Kevin [Costner], and Cole [Hauser], are all on horseback together all day long, running around chasing cows or doing whatever. I mean, those are some of the most like, I mean, it's just so dreamy, right? It's like when you're young and you want to do this for a living, you hope it's going to be like that."

Yellowstone is expected to return for Season 3 in summer 2020 on Paramount Network. The show's Season 2 DVD and Blu-Ray are currently available to purchase at all major retailers.