What To Expect in Season 8 of 'Game of Thrones'

The seventh season of Game of Thrones has come and gone, and it seems like only yesterday fans were praying to the Lord of Light to resurrect Jon Snow. While there were only seven episodes this season, there was no shortage of genuine geek-out moments for everyone who's been keeping up with the show, which is why PopCulture.com has whipped up the 10 Best WTF Moments from Season 7!

If you're one of the millions who've loyally been watching the show, then you too have been anxiously awaiting the moment when we would see Daenerys and her dragons marshmallow roast the White Walkers, and this season certainly didn't disappoint.

But what many of us didn't count on, however, was one of her precious children, Viserion, being killed during battle by the Night King's ice spear! WHAT?

And it gets worse, which leads us to our No. 3 spot on our WTF list: When the Night King reanimates Viserion into some kind of bastardized undead ice dragon!

It's true. Maybe we all should have seen this coming. We were definitely aware of the Night King's ability to raise the dead into evil mindless zombies, and there was certainly foreshadowing earlier in the episode when the group was attacked by a zombified polar bear (proving the Night King is willing to raise dead animals as well). But for whatever reason, it just didn't click.

Once we got to the end of "Beyond the Wall" though, when the White Walkers began chain-dragging Viserion's corpse out of the chilly waters of the frozen lake, we all knew good and well what was about to transpire. The Night King placed his hand on Viserion's forehead and mere seconds later, to the horror of everyone who loves Jon and Dany, his eyes opened, transformed into the signature pale blue of the White Walkers.

Lord of Light help the living!


What was your favorite WTF moment from Game of Thrones this year? Check out the video above to see if it snagged the top spot, and make sure you keep checking back for all of the best Game of Thrones coverage!