'To Tell the Truth' Panelist Sherri Shepherd Grills Mysterious Skater With Dating Questions in Exclusive Clip

Season 6 of To Tell The Truth, hosted by Anthony Anderson, premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 26. at 8 p.m. ET. The episode features a panel comprised of Sherri Shepherd, Jimmy Kimmel, and Andrea Savage. As always, the panelists get to ask the mystery guests questions to figure out whether they're telling the truth about their identity and/or profession — and PopCulture has your exclusive sneak peek! On Tuesday's premiere, Shepherd asks one of the mysterious individuals, a potential figure roller-skating champion, dating questions that leads to plenty of laughs from everyone involved.

Shepherd began her line of questioning by asking the first individual, "So, if you have a woman skating with you, a partner, how does she do it? Does she relax into your body? Like if you were to guide a woman who's not that good skating — does she relax into your body?" Shepherd's questions prompt Kimmel to interject with, "Sherri, this is a game show, not a date." Savage had Shepherd's back, as she jokingly said, "Let's not put limits on what could happen here."

Host Anderson then tried to summarize Shepherd's question. He asked the individual, "Number One, Sherri wants to know if she put on some skates right now, could she relax?" The potential figure roller-skating champion replied that there wasn't too much relaxing when it comes to performances. On the contrary, he said that their bodies are typically tight as they experience lifts and turns during their routines. Apparently, that wasn't the answer that Shepherd was looking for. The former View co-host said, "No. 1, I really didn't like the rejection that you just gave me, but OK." To see which one of the individuals is the real figure roller-skating champion, you'll have to tune in to To Tell The Truth when it airs on ABC on Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.


The panelists will not just be tasked with determining which individual before them is the real figure roller-skating champion. During the episode, Shepherd, Kimmel, and Savage will be greeted with potential pancake artists, Baywatch lifesavers, Tabithas from Bewitched, and Kentucky Derby milliners. Of course, the trio of celebrities will have to figure out which individuals brought before them are lying about their identities. In the end, either Shepherd, Savage, or Kimmel will win the episode by having the highest number of correct guesses. The loser is typically forced to undergo a fun punishment decided on by Anderson and his mother, Doris Hancox.