'The Walking Dead' Surprises Fans With First Casualty in Season 9 Premiere

The Walking Dead surprised fans during the season nine premiere by killing off a new character introduced only minutes earlier in the episode.

Ken (A.J. Achinger) was one of the new faces introduced in the episode, alongside Marco (Gustavo Gomez). Ken was required to shoe horses. As the group reached a busted bridge, he asked everyone to take a pause for the horses. Ken's horse was later spooked as walkers approached them, so Rick (Andrew Lincoln) ordered them to leave the wagon behind.

Ken's horse punched him in the chest and he was knocked unconscious. The group tried to save him, but he later died. Maggie was left distraught and put a sword through his head. At the Hilltop, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) had to tell Ken's parents the awful news.

"She took our boy out there, and for what? My son is dead, Earl. And what do we have to show for it? Nothing but a broke plough," Ken's mother, Tammy (Brett Butler) said.

Maggie tried to tell Tammy the adventure out into the wild was important, but she had none of it.

"Don't you dare talk to me about no future right now," Tammy said. "I know where all that shit went, Maggie, the Saviors got it! Didn't they? He didn't even die helping Hilltop!"

Fans at home were really puzzled by Ken's death, including fans who have seen every episode. He was a character who must have become important during the time gap between seasons eight and nine.

One fan was not happy with Ken's mother getting angry with Maggie.


Many fans were not happy that Maggie seemed more upset about Ken's death than Carl's, even though Carl was a much more important part of the show.

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