'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Hosts Show From Home Following Coronavirus Concerns

Whoopi Goldberg is co-hosting The View from her home out of an abundance of caution amid concerns over the coronavirus pandemic. During Wednesday's episode of the ABC morning talk show, co-host Sunny Hostin revealed that Goldberg, a staple at the co-hosts' table, would be joining the show from home. Videoing in, Goldberg assured fans that she is "healthy," though she decided to stay clear of others because she "felt like with all of this inconsistency it wasn't good" for her.

"I am great! This is what we call responsible social distancing," Goldberg told viewrs at the top of the show. "So you know, I went to the doctor yesterday to check myself out just to make sure, and he gives me the all-clear to go to work, and I'm getting ready to do it, and then I start hearing these inconsistent messages from everyone. From the mayor, who's saying 'we're gonna be in place for now. New York's gonna lockdown.' And then you have Gov. Cuomo saying, 'well, that's not going to happen.' And I just felt like if I was going to really try to figure out whether it was okay to come in – and my brain said, 'you know what, 'til they can get themselves together, the governor and the mayor, until they can figure out what they're doing, I should not go in.' So that's why I'm still here."

"I am healthy, though my doctor was very annoyed with me. He's like, 'I just gave you the okay, why are you back?' I said, 'Because I need an okay, okay,'" she explained. "And so he gave me the okay, okay, but I just felt like with all this inconsistency between the governor and the mayor, it wasn't good for me."

The move follows Joy Behar's announcement that she would be stepping away from The View as she is among the most at-risk group of people. Goldberg's decision has been widely met with support from fans, who applauded her on social media as the episode aired with just Meghan McCain and Hostin, as well as guest co-host's, in-studio.

"[Whoopi Goldberg] You're in the best place to take care of yourself. Home!" tweeted one viewer. "Be well!"

"Yes [Whoopi Goldberg], you're doing the right thing!" reacted somebody else.

"[Whoopi Goldberg] stay home Not worth the risk to come out," added another. "Listen to your gut!"


As with several other talk shows, The View is currently filming without a studio audience.