Whoopi Goldberg Goes Off-Script as She Gets Heated on 'The View': 'Now You Pissed Me Off'

The panelists were having a tense conversation involving former President Donald Trump.

The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg recently went off-script and said, "Now you pissed me off," when things got heated during an episode. On Wednesday, co-panelist Joy Behar cited a poll that stated "69 percent of the Republican party wants [Donald] Trump to be the nominee" for president. Behar speculated that this indicated "millions" of people are represented by this poll, per EW.

However, Goldberg pushed back on this, saying, "No, it doesn't, it only translates to the people they spoke to." Goldberg then turned toward the audience and asked, "Did anybody call y'all? Any Republicans?" She added, "They could call more people." At this point, someone off camera noted to Goldberg that Sunny Hostin had a "legal note" to share. "Yeah, I know she's got a legal note, but I also have a point," Goldberg replied. "I just want to make the point." She then said, "Now you pissed me off. Forget it," and laughingly added, "No, go ahead, Sunny, you've got a legal note!"

The tense moment comes just days after the death of The View creator Bill Geddie, who died last week. Paying tribute to Geddie earlier this week, Goldberg said, "Our first weeks were the same, and my first week started with me having a conversation with y'all about Mike Vick, and the next thing I knew, they were saying, 'Burn that broad, burn that broad, get her off television!' And every time I've stepped in it, he'd say, 'That's the beauty of the show, everyone has an opinion, and that's why we're doing it.'" She continued, "When I was – I'm trying to find the right way to say it – I was asked to stay off for a week or two, they told me to take a break, and Bill wrote me and said, 'You know this is the nature of this show, that's why we brought you in. We're paying you, we pay you to do this, we pay you to give your opinions. Not everybody's going to like it, but don't ever think that you did something you shouldn't have done, because that's what we do at The View.'"

Later, before introducing a video memorial to Geddie, Goldberg said, "There are people that you're lucky enough to get to know and there are people who pass you by. I met Bill when Barbara and he came to Malibu when they did the 10 Most Fascinating People, and we became friends. So, when they said, 'Listen you want to come do this?' Sure, I need a job. It's nice when people offer you work. I was like, 'Yes, I'll come,' and here I be, and I remain, out of respect for the show and out of respect for the two of them who gave me a shot when no one else would."