'The View': Meghan McCain Feels She's on a 'Different Planet' Than Her Co-Hosts

The View's Meghan McCain recently lashed out at the rest of the shows panelists, saying that she feels like she's on a "different planet" than her co-hosts. The comment came as the ladies were discussing the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. As the lone conservative on the panel — now that Abby Huntsman has exited — McCain offered up her feelings.

"As usual, I feel like I live on a different planet than everyone that works on this show. When I saw Adam Schiff, I actually thought that he seemed very performative. And that he's clearly trying to take over for Diane Feinstein at some point. I wouldn't be surprised if he runs for her seat."

McCain went on to add that the impeachment trial "isn't making a big impact" on her, as "there's a huge disconnect in the way liberals view this and the way conservatives view this."

McCain's stance on the matter has had a lot of viewers talking, with one taking to Twitter to say, "Get Megan off the show. Her childlike demeanor is unbearable to watch. She acts like a rebellious teenager, talking under her breath and acting persecuted. She ruins the flow of the talk."

"People like Meghan are so entrenched in their fantasy world of wealth and privilege can't see the truth for their sense if entitlement," another user tweeted.


"Megan McCain is just overpaid white privileged so called with political views. She is small minded and adds nothing but divisive on every level. I find she never criticizes her Republican Party on any level. The disgraceful behavior of the Senate is completely outrageous," someone else wrote.

"I'm scary the view allows [Meghan McCain] to disparage our free press like some extreme right fringe nut. We can disagree with a story N express said displeasure, however to call it a garbage News is putting out a narrative that the work it has done (especially now) is irrelevant.one other user added," one last user added.