Judge Judy's Backing of Michael Bloomberg on 'The View' Draws Heated Twitter Reactions

Judge Judy Sheindlin appeared on The View Monday, announcing that she is backing former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg for the Democratic Presidential nomination, but her decision is drawing a lot of heated reactions on Twitter. Many social media users have been responding since she made the announcement.

"Bloomberg fought to change NYC's Term Limits so that he could serve 3 terms. Then came out to restore them back to 2 terms when he was done with them. Another self-serving billionaire, the last thing this country needs," one person fired off. "Sorry Judge Judy, you're wrong on this one."

"Sorry, Judge Judy. I love you but not Bloomberg. His constant dismissal of people when asked about POC issues, esp. after a 'well-timed' apology, is a red flag on his inner feelings," another user commented. "If he gets irritated when asked about past mistakes, how can he run a country 'for the people.'"

"So you are going to endorse a Billionaire who is pro nanny state anti second amendment and has ZERO interest in average Americans lives," someone else said. "This guy is a joke as is the view who only has Liberal views and agendas in mind and that will ultimately destroy this nation!!!"

"I love JJ but she's obviously let all her money go to her head thinking MB is right choice for America. WRONG. TRUMP beats him hands down no contest. Why do rich celebrities feel the need to weigh in on politics when they have NO clue about normal working class Americans?" one other user inquired.

"Yeah right. The guy who said that taxing poor people is the best way to CONTROL them is just as unAmerican as the other psychotic liberal socialists who hate everything that makes American the greatest country in the world. No thanks," one last user tweeted.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.


Photo Credit: Getty Images