'The View' Goes on Holiday Break, and Viewers Can't Grasp It

The View is currently on a brief break as the hosts celebrate the holidays. However, some fans aren't very happy that their favorite morning show is airing repeats at this time. As The Sun noted, viewers are upset over the fact that The View isn't airing new episodes over the holidays.

For the last couple of weeks of December, The View will be airing reruns. The talk show won't be back with new episodes until after the New Year. That choice doesn't exactly sit well with some viewers, who are incensed that the show is airing episodes that they've already seen. On Facebook, one individual wrote, "Wonderful show! My only complaint is they are going on winter break." Another commented, "Does this mean we are getting old shows till January? I'm sad about that."

Folks on Twitter are equally sad about The View's hiatus. A frustrated viewer wrote, "I don't know what to do during my work mornings when #TheView is not on. Sheesh!" A separate Twitter user questioned whether The View was on this week given that their DVR didn't record anything. A person then replied with a sad face emoji that they were taking a brief break. While the episodes may not be new, The View is still on during the holidays. 

On Monday, The View aired an episode that originally aired on Nov. 10. The episode featured a celebration for Whoopi Goldberg's 67th birthday. The celebration came complete with a DJ, drag queens, and an audience giveaway. It also featured a birthday message courtesy of Khloe Kardashian, who told Goldberg, "I am wishing you the most magical, beautiful and blessed birthday. I hope you have the best year, that you're healthy, you're happy and that you are just staying as fabulous as ever. We all love, adore and appreciate you for all that you do and all that you give us."

Unfortunately for Goldberg, she wasn't able to keep the celebrations going after the episode, as she later tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, she was forced to miss out on several tapings of The View. This marked her second bout of COVID-19 within a year. The Oscar winner previously got a positive test result in January after falling ill during her holiday break. She told ABC News about her diagnosis, "It was a shock, because I'm triple vaxxed, I haven't been anywhere, I haven't done anything. It's one of those things where you think, I've done everything I was supposed to do... Yeah, it doesn't stop Omicron."