'The View' Co-Host Responds After Being Pulled for COVID-19 on Live Show

A wild situation took place on Friday's episode of The View, as two co-hosts, Sunny Hostin and Ana Navarro, were forced to leave the set live on the air after testing positive for COVID-19. The moment came shortly before the co-hosts were set to interview Vice President Kamala Harris for what would have been her first in-studio interview since being sworn in. Following that intense situation, Navarro spoke out about the matter while appearing on Anderson Cooper 360, per PEOPLE. 

Navarro watched a clip of the scene while appearing on the CNN series, telling host Anderson Cooper that it felt like something out of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." She explained that they had been preparing to interview the vice president for some time now and that they were "very proud" to have her on the show. So, it was definitely disappointing for her to have to leave the set in the midst of the live commotion. 

"Now, because of COVID the table at The View is like the size of an aircraft carrier," Navarro continued. "Joy [Behar] is clear on the other side. I don't think she sees the commotion of what Sunny and I are told by the executive producer, Brian Teta, that this is happening. And of course it's a very awkward moment. It's puzzling. You've got a hundred things going through your head." Navarro explained that both she and Hostin were told via their earpieces about their positive test results and that they were unsure of how to proceed. She added, "We go 'What did you just say? Did I just hear you right?' And this is in the middle of live TV. And, as you know, Anderson, the show must go on."

In regards to the interview with Harris, co-hosts Joy Behar and Sara Haines conducted the piece from the studio while the vice president was seated at a separate location and spoke over video. Navarro stressed that neither she nor Hostin had any contact with Harris prior to the interview. Additionally, she shared some insight into that positive COVID-19 test result. Navarro told Cooper that her positive result was likely a false negative. After this situation, she took another rapid antigen test and a PCR test, both of which produced negative results. According to PEOPLE, a producer for the show also told the audience that both Navarro and Hostin were tested again and that the results came back negative.