'The View' Pulls 2 Co-Hosts Mid-Show for COVID-19 Ahead of Vice President Kamala Harris Interview

The View made come big changes Friday before its interview with Vice President Kamala Harris. According to Variety, two of the show's co-hosts, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, were asked to exit the stage at the start of the second segment. "More information later — it's a tease!" the producer said as Navarro and Hostin left. The producer then told Joy Behar to introduce Harris before telling her to move on to "hot topics." Behar threw to a commercial, and when they came back she announced that "Sunny and Ana both apparently tested positive for COVID."

Behar told viewers that Navarro and Hostin were vaccinated. Harris was set to appear in the studio but appeared via remote video link in the show's final 10 minutes taking questions about COVID and immigration. She also commented on Navarro and Hostin's positive tests. "Sunny and Ana are strong women, and I know they're fine, but it really does also speak to the fact that they're vaccinated, and vaccines really make all the difference," Harris said.

The positive tests from Navarro and Harris come as The View kicked off its 25th season earlier this month. There have also been some changes to the hosts as Megan McCain recently exited the show. In an interview with Daily Mail TV, McCain explained why she decided to leave The View. 

"When I think about where I want Liberty to take her first steps and her first words, I just have this wonderful life here that I felt ultimately like I didn't want to leave, I left New York during the pandemic and I sort of had an existential crisis when my dad [late Arizona Sen. John McCain] died. I got really scared and I just really started thinking about life and what I wanted." She continued: "I just didn't feel like moving back to New York was the right choice for me and it was a really hard decision, but, I feel really good about it now and I don't miss it at all."

Whoopi Goldberg was not on The View Friday, but she isn't going anywhere. Goldberg reportedly signed a deal with ABC leaving her to say on The View for another four seasons. It's not clear how much Goldberg will make under her new contract.