'The Game': Paramount+ Reboot Premiere Date Revealed

Paramount+ has announced the premiere date for its reboot of The Game, which will debut on the [...]

Paramount+ has announced the premiere date for its reboot of The Game, which will debut on the streaming platform on Nov. 11. Showrunner and writer Devon Greggory shared the updates on the third iteration of the popular dramedy, which landed at the streaming service following its runs on The CW and BET, at Paramount+'s TCA presentation. For those who've caught up on the series on Netflix, this version of the series will look fairly different from the original.

Moving out of its San Diego setting, the reboot will pick up in Las Vegas and its players will continue to tackle various life issues related to race, sex, class, and more –– but this time, it will come from a present-day lens. Starring Hosea Sanchez and Wendy Racquel Robinson, the players will go head to head again as they fight for fame, fortune, and success. Vaughn Hebron, Tim Daly, Toby Sandeman, and Adriyan Rae are slated to join original cast members Sanchez and Robinson for the update. The Game vet Coby Bell will also make a special appearance. Sanchez and Robinson played mother-son duo Malik Wright and Tasha Mack on the show, and while it's been years since they were on TV together, Greggory says, "these characters have evolved in a way where they're only entertaining." He added: "These characters never got stale or old, they were always fresh."

"We're going to come deep with some deep issues because 2021 is different than 2008," he said of the show. "It never got old, it just had to have an opportunity to reboot itself," he continued. "A lot of times series don't get that opportunity while they're on the air, and I think that's a mistake for a lot of television entities and different production companies. We should be able to evolve while we're on the air." The Game first aired on The CW in 2006, where it lived for three seasons before switching to a new home at BET. Produced by CBS Studios, Akil Productions, and Grammnet NH Productions, Mara Brock Akil and Salim Akil will executive produce along with Greggory and original executive producer Kelsey Grammer and Tom Russo.