The CW Confirms 'Jane the Virgin' Ending After Season 5

Jane the Virgin is officially coming to an end after its fifth season.

Based on a telenovela of the same name and shepherded by Jennie Snyder Urman, Jane the Virgin was a game-changer for The CW when it premiered in fall 2014.

The series made lead Gina Rodriguez a star on the rise, sparking conversations of representation in television and film.

Even though the series' ratings never approached the highs of the network's comic book-inspired series, it was praised by critics and was even nominated for Golden Globes.

Rodriguez hinted at the series possibly coming to an end in March, during a Women to Watch event in Austin, Texas.

While discussing directing a pivotal season four episode, Rodriguez said, "When it came to directing Jane, as the star of the show — as a woman, as Latina, I was like, 'I need to come so correct that I cannot be denied.'"

After calling it "the most incredible experience," Rodriguez noted that her episode happened to be "the highest-rated of the season" and concluded by noting that she has plans to "do more [directing] next year — in our final season."

CW president Mark Pedowitz confirmed the news Thursday ahead of the network's upfront presentation, with Urman revealing to the New York Times that Rodriguez will direct two episodes of the upcoming final season, including the season 5 premiere.

Urman also revealed the series was always meant to have a limited run.

"When I first thought about the show, I thought it would run four years, and then after the second year, I thought, 'We have enough to take us through five seasons,'" Urman said. "We started to have those discussions in Season 3. The studio and the network were always really supportive."

She continued: "It's the ending I pitched when I pitched the show. I couldn't have pitched them a million of the details that have happened along the way, and it doesn't have to do so much with the plot and with all the twists and turns. But the overall structure and what I wanted to say about certain things — structurally, that's built into the ending."

As far as the final season, expect to see resolution to the big season 4 finale twist rather quickly, meaning whether or not Michael is really back from the dead.

The season will also see Jane (Rodriguez) work to get her second book, a retelling of her and her family's life story, published.


The network also announced the upcoming seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and iZombie would be their last.

Jane the Virgin will return for its final run in midseason on The CW.