Super Bowl 2021: 'Wayne's World' Returning for Big Game Ad

Saturday night, an Uber Eats commercial sparked excitement among fans of Wayne's World and SNL. The iconic duo portrayed by Mike Myers and Dana Carvey returned for a brief teaser clip, wigs and all. They teased an appearance during the Super Bowl LV broadcast, which is free to watch online.

The advertisement started with Wayne and Garth sitting in the basement and wearing their attire from the Wayne's World sketches, the film and its sequel. The short clip even included era-appropriate graphics. "2020, man, that was a great year," Wayne said. Both he and Garth waited for a beat before saying "Not!" The duo continued and talked about how they would show up for the game that "could not be named" due to legal reasons.

The news prompted several comments on social media after the longtime duo returned for a brief teaser. Some said that the commercial would be the best of the broadcast. Although these same fans said that they strongly dislike Uber Eats and the company's fees.

There were several fans on social media laughing about the situation and how Wayne and Garth were "bowing to sponsors" by appearing in the Uber Eats teaser. These comments referenced a scene from Wayne's World in which the two musicians said that they would not advertise certain products. They made this speech to Rob Lowe while Wayne held up a box from Pizza Hut, a bag of Doritos and a can of Pepsi. Garth also wore a custom Reebok suit and matching hat.

The Uber Eats commercial is not the first example of Wayne and Garth's exciting fans reuniting. They previously showed up to the 2019 Academy Awards to present Bohemian Rhapsody for the Best Picture category. The duo famously lip-synced the Queen song during the first Wayne's World while driving around in their 1976 AMC Pacer.


Wayne and Garth are not the only stars from the 1980s resurfacing recently in a unique advertisement. Bruce Willis portrayed action hero John McClane in a commercial for DieHard Batteries in which he dove through a plate glass window in order to acquire a new battery for his car. The two-minute clip featured characters from the original Die Hard, including Theo and Argyle. Even Argyle's limousine made a return — although it had an unfortunate end due to a rampaging Humvee.