'Suits' Showrunner Reveals Why Meghan Markle Wasn't Asked to Appear in Series Finale

Suits ended its nine-season run Wednesday with a heartwarming episode. The series finale featured the return of Patrick J. Adams' Mike Ross for one final goodbye. His wife, Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) did not make an appearance.

Series creator Aaron Korsh revealed in an interview after the episode aired that Markle did not decline the chance to make a final appearance on the USA Network series, she was never asked.

"I thought about asking, and I thought about even using audio footage that we have to come up with something, and in the end, I didn't ask," he told Deadline. "I just thought, I'm going to respect her new life and not put her in the position of having to ask. We decided not to put her in that position so I never asked."

While Rachel was not seen in the series finale, the character still played a big role in the beloved show's swan song, as part of an emotional montage.

"I am a nostalgic person. We talked about it. We weren't sure it would work, and we weren't sure how much to put in," Korsh told the outlet. "There were certain people that thought we shouldn't do it. I was open to hearing that maybe we shouldn't do it because we did have a lot of endings. All those people, when they actually saw it, decided they wanted it in. They liked it. Even though Harvey (Gabriel Macht) was not present for every single scene in this flashback, the idea is that Harvey is in his office, thinking about his time in the firm, about all that he has been through over all of the years. For me, it adds to the good vibe of the show."

Adams and Markle exited the series at the end of Season 7 after their characters celebrated their wedding. Markle went off to retire her acting career and marry into the British Royal family. She welcomed her first child with Prince Harry, baby Archie, earlier this year.

Adams reprised his role earlier in the final season and even joked about Rachel's absence due to Markle's new life.

When asked how his wife was doing, he told Katrina (Amanda Schull), "Good. In fact, if I told you how good you probably wouldn't believe me."


Reflecting on the end of the beloved series, Korsh shared a final thank you everyone involved with making the show.

"It is a sad thing to move on from such a long run, but also we have the body of work and the memories and nobody can ever take that away," he told Deadline. "I'm incredibly proud to have been involved with all those people for all those years. I would say thank you to everyone involved. Cast, crew, fans, everybody."