'Succession' Character Confirmed to Return in Season 3

Succession Season 3 premieres on Sunday night via HBO, and fans have been itching for any details they can scrounge up about the new episodes. At the season's premiere event on Tuesday, we learned of one fan-favorite character coming back for Season 3: Lady Caroline Collingwood, played by Harriet Walter. Caroline is the ex-wife of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) the mother of Kendall Roy (Jeremy Renner), Siobhan "Shiv" Roy (Sarah Snook) and Roman Roy (Kieran Culkin).

Walter has been featured in three Succession episodes thus far, Season 1's "Pre-Nuptial" and "Nobody Is Ever Missing" and Season 2's "Return." Her dynamic with her kids and Logan is rather interesting, being as the children are far closer with their media magnate father. However, they love her deeply, which makes it awkward when issues — whether it be personal or business — arise between Logan and her. It seems that dynamic will come into play yet again late in Season 3.

"It would be giving away something if I told you where I come in," she told Variety. "But I know everyone will stay watching because nobody walks out of Succession. They all get hooked and binged. So you'll find me towards the end, I think towards Epiosdes 8 and 9. Yeah, I'm reunited with my family, as I am periodically. I step in and stir things up."

However, fans will still have to wait to see a face-off they've desperately wanted to see. So far, Logan and Caroline have not shared a scene together. They seem to have avoided one another, even while both attending Shiv's wedding in Season 1. In Season 2, Logan orders their kids to visit her on his behalf to hash out a business negotiation. In Season 3, the bitter exes are around one another yet again but don't face off.

"I've still not actually done a scene with Brian, but we're in the same place," Walter said. "I won't say more than that. Logan and I look across the room at one another, but we don't actually have a head-to-head. Maybe that will come one day. We've done all our fighting."

Those who just can't wait to see Walter on-screen again have plenty of options. She plays Nicole de Buchard in the just-released movie The Last Duel, and she pops up in Season 2 of Apple TV+'s Ted Lasso. In recent years, she's also popped up on Downton Abbey, The Crown, Doctor Who, Killing Eve, Black Sails, Call the Midwife, Patrick Melrose and The Spanish Princess.