'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Reveals if Jax Ever Met Angel From 'Mayans M.C.'

Kurt Sutter has continued to be a bright spot amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sons of Anarchy fans [...]

Kurt Sutter has continued to be a bright spot amid the coronavirus pandemic. Sons of Anarchy fans have been soaking in the knowledge he has dropped on some of the show's biggest twist-and-turns and its characters' backstories. Sutter took on a question in his latest round of fan questions as one fan wondered whether or not the star of the series, Jax Teller, knew Angel Reyes of Mayans MC, the show's spin-off that also was created by Sutter.

The Secretary of the Mayans Motorcycle Club, Angel, may have actually crossed paths with Teller, who led SAMCRO. "We played the idea that all the Mayans knew Jax," Sutter began his first of two tweets in his response. "His bond with Alvarez in the later years of SOA was held in deep respect. I'm sure there were opportunities for Angel and Jax to cross paths." Sutter went on, "When we brought Chibs into Season 2 of Mayans MC, we saw he had a relationship with Bishop and Taza. And I think the timing might sync up that when EZ was in Stockton, the Sons were serving their time." As he brought up, there have certainly been some crossovers when it comes to the two popular FX series, with the biggest being Marcus Alvarez, the former President of the Mayans on SOA.

Of course, fans of Mayans M.C. won't be seeing Teller at any point in the series considering the feat he met in the series finale of Sons of Anarchy. That being said, Charlie Hunnam's character has been name-dropped a few times in the show, particularly one moment where Alvarez says he wants to keep a promise he made with Jax.

In regards to the leading man of SAMCRO, Sutter has frequently provided insight into his behaviors as many fans wanted to know more about his inner workings. One question, in particular, had Sutter share his thoughts on whether or not things would have changed in the end had his wife, Tara, never been murdered. Sutter admitted he might have never gone out the way he did, but that ultimately Jax had always known he wanted to create the best future for his children and didn't want them to have the life he did, which in this case he felt taking himself out of the picture was for the best.