'Mayans M.C' Just Name-Dropped Jax Teller From 'Sons of Anarchy'

Mayans M.C. paid tribute to Sons of Anarchy lead character Jax Teller during its first season finale.

The reference came during an action-packed episode of the FX drama, which saw the reveal of some big connections to the flagship series.

The iconic moment came as the Mayans sat at their table and discussed a new arrangement between the Galindo cartel, the Mayans, and the Charming charter of the Sons of Anarchy.

"SAMCRO can supply the cartel under the radar," Hank "Tranq" Loza (Frankie Loyal) said.

Bishop interjects, "Through us. Feds will have no idea."

"Our club has a relationship with Charming. Volatile past but a profitable peace. I'm gonna make sure I keep that promise to Jax Teller," Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) adds, mentioning the iconic character.

"But it'll be our charter handling the business between Galindo and SAMCRO," Bishop clarifies.

Alvarez adds, "So your table has to be good with it."

The discussion leads to a unanimous approval from the members of the club.

"Good, 'cause Redwood is on its way down right now," he announces, with some Sons of Anarchy characters arriving later in the episode.

Sons of Anarchy followed Jax Teller's (Charlie Hunnam) rise from vice president of the club to president over Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman) before meeting a tragic fate.

Mayans M.C. has kept references to the Sons of Anarchy world a regular part of the series, featuring cameos from stars like Katey Sagal's Gemma Teller-Morrow in the series premiere, as well as similar enemies like Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon).

One cameo fans likely will never see will be an appearance from Jax himself, as Hunnam has said publicly he would never reprise his role.

“No, no... I had the deepest experience of my career coming out of that," Hunnam said of the show ending in 2014. "I had become that character, had become so deeply integrated into who I was, I literally didn't realize until the day we wrapped and we put him to rest and I felt I went through a period of two or three weeks of, like, real bereavement."

He continued, "I have his cut [leather vest] and, you know, people have been to my house and asked if they could try it on and I [say] 'No one will ever put that cut on again' and 'We got to respect that dude. He's not with us anymore,'" Hunnam said. "So I would never bring him back from the dead for something like that... It was seven years of my life. He sort of became sacred to me."

Even if only with mentions of his name, it was nice to think of Jax Teller again in the world of Mayans.


Mayans M.C. will return for its second season in 2019.

Photo Credit: FX