'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Reveals Why Jax Waited So Long to Turn on Gemma

Kurt Sutter took to Twitter to host a Q&A where Sons of Anarchy fans had quite the time tossing [...]

Kurt Sutter took to Twitter to host a Q&A where Sons of Anarchy fans had quite the time tossing many questions about the series his way. The creator has done this a few times before, previously sharing details like the meaning behind the homeless woman and how he had finished a show pilot before the coronavirus pandemic put that in limbo.

On Tuesday, Sutter saw a few questions come his way regarding the mother-son relationship between Gemma and Jax Teller. One fan wondered why it took so long for Jax, who was played in the series by Charlie Hunnam, to finally turn on his mom in the final season of the series. Sutter entertained the question but reminded everyone that it mostly had to do with the simple fact that it's a son loving his mother. "Jax trusted Gemma because, no matter how much chaos she created, she was his f—ing mom. And he knew her maternal love was strong and genuine," he wrote before following up with a second tweet to his answer. "That's why he trusted her. That's why Gemma knew when Jax found out about the betrayal, he could only do one thing. The outlaw thing. In the rose garden."

As fans of the series know, the scene that saw Gemma, played by Sutter's wife Katey Sagal, have her life taken by Jax was one of the most captivating moments in the series' seven season run. In filming that scene, Sagal shared with TV Line that it was a "very emotional" time. The series' creator was also asked what it was like to see his wife be killed on screen. Sutter responded with a quip, "It was all make-believe. Katey is at home right now. But thanks for looking out."

In a prior Q&A, Sutter shocked fans when he admitted that the odds of The First Nine, which would have told the story of Jax's father, John, and the other founding members, were not great. "At this time, the prospects are not looking great," he wrote. "I don't own the Sons of Anarchy IP, Fox/Disney does. But I never say never."