'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Asks About How Characters Died, and Creator Kurt Sutter Has Perfect Answer

Kurt Sutter has been enjoying his life in quarantine as the Sons of Anarchy creator has hosted multiple open forums where fans of the show have flooded him with questions. He has answered everything from details behind the series' biggest twists-and-turns to future plans he has, including plans for a sequel series pertaining to the Jax Teller's sons.

One of the show's actors, Timothy V. Murphy, who appeared for three seasons as Galen O'Shea, decided to get in on the fun of Sutter's Q-and-A sessions. Murphy posed a question towards him in regards to how Sutter decides how each character dies. In the series, Murphy's role comes to an end in Season 6 thanks to a bullet from leading man, Jax Teller. Sutter provided quite an interesting response.

"Your question... it's always about the story," Sutter wrote on Twitter after first telling Murphy he misses him and offering to go on a socially-distanced ride. "I don't like killing my babies. But if the story justifies it and it serves the mythology — then a motherf—er has to drop. The only time it's not story-driven is if an actor is unhappy and wants out of the show. I never want to force anyone to be there. It's antithetical to the creative process. That was the case for Johnny Lewis. I like Johnny a lot. I thought he was an amazing talent. And I thought Halfsack was a great character, but Johnny wasn't happy. He wanted to be free to explore other opportunities. So we let Halfsack go out bravely and nobly."

When mentioning the "socially distanced" motorcycle ride, Sutter once again was displaying his concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. He took a hard stance in a recent Instagram post about people who are disregarding the protective measures of wearing a facial covering. In his message, Sutter said, "If you leave the house without a mask, you are not only risking your health, you are risking my f—ing health." He received some backlash in the comment sections for being so direct and the choice of words he used.


He provided an update to his caption concerning the negativity he was seeing. Sutter admitted his words weren't the best but that his message remained the same. "Wearing a mask not only protects my health, it’s also an indication of respect," he wrote. "So when I see my neighbors and I’m wearing a mask, I’m saying I not only care about my health, I care about yours and your family’s health. I care about my community, my city, my state and my country."

Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images